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The Virtual Museum Project

The Classics and Archaeology Virtual Museum documents the Classics and Archaeology Collection of the University of Melbourne, which is located at the Ian Potter Musuem of Art. The Virtual Museum is a collaborative project of the Centre for Classics & Archaeology, the Ian Potter Museum of Art and ArtsIT.

Current Exhibition - Liquid Form: Ancient and Contemporary Glass

Ian Potter Museum of Art, 13 March to 28 October 2018

Guest curator: Christine Elias

This exhibition celebrates the luminous medium of glass. Displaying significant artefacts from the Egyptian and Roman periods alongside the work of contemporary makers, Liquid Form examines the development of faience and glass manufacture in the ancient world and demonstrates how these methods have been reinvigorated and extended in the modern era.

Originally thought of as a substitute for stone by the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians and traded throughout the ancient world, by Roman times the use of glass was becoming increasingly more common. Today, the medium has a ubiquitous and largely utilitarian presence in everyday life, but is still valued by makers and collectors as a challenging medium through which to push craft techniques and the boundaries of design.