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Thinking Through Ancient Cultures

About the Program

Thinking Through Ancient Cultures is an exciting educational program which provides year 7-12 students an opportunity experience the fascinating and rewarding world of classics and archaeology. Designed by expert staff at the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Classics & Archaeology in cooperation with the Ian Potter Museum of Art, the program, quite literally, puts ancient cultures in the hands of students.

Students can get a 'behind the scenes' look at the Classics and Archaeology Collection at the Potter and actually work with artefacts in the collection. The Classics and Archaeology Collection is one of the oldest and most important art collections of the University of Melbourne. With more than 2,400 objects, the collection provides an opportunity for students to explore the cultures of the ancient Near East, Egypt, Greece and Rome. Artefacts range from Pre-Dynastic Egyptian vessels more than 6,000 years old to Bronze Age weaponry, Classical Greek ceramics and Roman coinage.

Furthermore, students will see how these artefacts are recovered through excavation, how they are processed and conserved, how they are analysed, how they reveal the secrets of the past and how all of this information is important for us today.

What the Experts are Saying

‘The program was FANTASTIC. The experience of handling materials and using these to develop and present ideas was enriching. This is what all excursions should be like.’ - Lakeside Secondary College, Reservoir (Year 8 teacher).

‘Fantastic. I am expecting top rate assignments now. The coin collection is amazing. This has helped my students and myself so much. You need to advertise more!’ - Ave Maria College, Essendon, (Year 11 teacher).

‘The program fit well with the curriculum and interested the students. An extension of our material.’ - St Anthony’s Coptic Orthodox College, Frankston North (Year 7 teacher).

‘The visit to the Potter Museum was very valuable for the Year 7 classes. Thank-you again for your thorough preparation and interesting presentation.’ - Ruyton Girls’ School, Kew, (Year 7 teacher).

‘Challenging and fun. Wonderful combination of practical and intellectual.’ - Haileybury College, (Year 8 teacher).

Program Options

Thinking Through Ancient Cultures is offered in two formats: a one- or two-hour class. Classes and tours can be tailored to suit most levels and are designed to complement and enhance school curricula with a ‘hands-on’ approach to learning. The highly visual mode of communication is perfect for young adults of all ages and will deepen understanding of how knowledge of ancient societies can be attained through artefact analysis.

One-Hour Class includes:

Cost: $6 per head (minimum 20 students), GST incl.

Two-Hour Class includes:

Cost: $10 Per head (minimum 20 students) GST incl.

Information & Bookings

Bookings are required. For more information on the program or to obtain a booking form contact:
The Ian Potter Museum of Art
The University of Melbourne
Swanston St, Victoria 3010
Ph: 03 8344 5148Fax: 03 9349 3518

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