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Salter, Sally, A catalogue of Cypriot antiquities at the University of Melbourne and in the Ian Potter Museum of Art, South Yarra: Macmillan Art, 2008.

This full catalogue of the Cypriot antiquities in the Classics and Archaeology Collection is now available. Written by Sally Salter, a long-time researcher of this important collection, the book is generously illustrated and available from the publisher or the University Bookroom. The objects date from the early Bronze Age (c. 2500 BCE), through middle and late Bronze Age and all phases of the Iron Age and Hellenistic times to the Roman era (c. 200 CE). They are principally pottery items, including some very handsome painted jugs, amphorae and bowls from the much-admired Cypriot geometric and archaic periods.


P. Connor & H. Jackson, A Catalogue of Greek Vases in the Collection of the University of Melbourne at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne, 2000.
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C. McAuliffe & P. Yule (eds.), Treasures: Highlights of the Cultural Collections of the University of Melbourne, Carlton, 2003.

For a short report on the Classics and Archaeology Collection see:
A. Jamieson, Tombs, 'Treasures and Shipwrecks: University Classics and Archaeology Collection Helps Bring the Ancient World to Life', in UniNews, vol. 14, no. 17, 19 September-3 October 2005, pp. 4-5.


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