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January 30, 1968. Letter from Winifred Needler, Curator of Egyptian Antiquities to John Bowman, enclosing photographs of objects and noting some changes to the list. List of 21 items "to be sent to Melb Uni". Undated, initialed by WN, incorporates changes mentioned in the letter (as do the five photographs showing 21 objects).

The items include six pottery vessels, four strings of beads, a glazed steatite, four fragments of decorated blue faience vessels, a blue faience shawabti, small breccia bowl, and three arrowheads.

10 April 1968. Bowman to Needler, covering note for Draft of Can$500 from the University Accountant Max Ferguson.

Three photocopy pages covering 10 ROM accession cards; each page has handwritten note "Sold to the University of Melbourne, April 1968".

Eleven ceramics are included in Andrew Jamieson's 1988 thesis.

These objects had been accessioned with the numbers 1968.0041 to 1968.0060 - 20 objects, so one is missing. Moreover, 1968.0056 (sealed canopic jar) is not on the list sent from Canada, nor is the small jar accessioned as 1968.0057 - in any case these two would bring the total of pottery vessels to eight, not six.

Missing, therefore, are the following:


Carnelian spheroids with pendants and amulets of amethyst, red jasper and green felspar. 11th-12th Dynasty. Unaccessioned.


Blue faience wafers. 18th Dynasty. Unaccessioned.


Glazed steatite scarab. 18th 19th Dynasty. 910.47.24. Light blue. Back naturalistic. Prothorax curved, wing cases unnotched, legs well cut. Design: falcon facing right, with flagellum; below, a neb.

The bronze arrow heads were returned from the Ian Potter Art Conservation Centre in 1998 in excellent condition.

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