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The city of Arad is located in Israel's southern desert region, a twenty-minute drive from Beer Sheva. Historic Masada is a short drive out of the town. Click here for a map of the area (88k).

Sherds from Tel Arad are listed in Department files on typed quarto sheets with brief description, locus, stratum and type. Two more pieces from Tel Arad are mentioned on the shorter list of items from Tel Michal.

Copy of Bill of Lading from Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University, to J Thompson, dated February 1975. There is a receipt dated 3.3.75 from the University of Tel-Aviv Finance Department, no. 0856, to the University of Melbourne for $667.20: "Contribution twards Excavation costs in consideration of Pottery Collection (Institute of Archaeology Projects)."

The Account Book author - creator or continuer of the UM series - must have used the objects themselves rather than the list, for the list's sequence is not followed, and the account book has information in it that is on the objects but not in the list. Thirteen of the items are mentioned in A Jamieson's 1988 thesis. Fourteen objects had been accessioned. All documentary information has been entered into the database, except for the "Type" information from the typed list.

In the database record, the registration number ("Other number") and the findspot information (locus and stratum) come from the list, while the tertiary inscription and description come from the Account Books, and also the 'Type' and 'visible components'. A shelf check has been completed to confirm tertiary inscriptions.

What seems to be the original typewritten version of the list has been ticked - presumably at the time of receipt of the objects or at the time of their entry into the Account Books. There are 69 Arad items on list (plus 3 complete vessels from Tel Beer-Sheba). Examination of objects, list and Account Books revealed:

1. Four items ticked on the list, not in Account Books, not on shelf: C 517/6, 6708/3, 2717/1, and 646/1.

2. Five items not on the list but in Account Books and on shelf: 5417/1 = UM0606, 5708/3 = UM1648, C 412/6 = MU1643, Arad 10 = UM1698, Arad 9 = UM1699. The shorter typed list of items from Tel Michal has, at the end, two items from Tel Arad which can be identified as Arad 9 and Arad 10 from their entries in the Account Book (description, hand and their numerical association with two items from Michal entered immediately after).

3. One item on shelf but recorded neither in the list nor in the Account Books: 2846/1.

4. Ticked on list, not in Account Book but on shelf: Book Arad 5185/2, Arad 7760/2.

5. Jamieson 1988-170 = 6080/9. Jamieson cites UM 1659, noting correctly that there are no details given in the Account Book. The list does not have 6080/9, but it does have 6080/1, which does not appear in the Account Book but has been located. On the object the number looks like 6080/1 to me, and I have recorded it as such in the database.

6. AJ 1988-89 = Arad 5733/1 = 1975.0079. Jamieson gives it as UM 1642 even though he notes - correctly - that there is no 1642 in the Account Books. The object is in fact at UM 1694; as Jamieson adds other information from the object itself, the number "UM 1642" on the object itself is incorrect.

There are thus 75 records for Arad objects, 6 of which are missing. 4 of the items on the original list of 69 have not been located (nor were they recorded in the Account Books), while two items listed only in the Account Books are missing. At the same time, the Account Books recorded 5 items that were not included on the list, and one item in neither the list nor the Account Books has turned up on the shelf.

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