Classics and Archaeology Virtual Museum

Catalogue of Works of Art 1971

Department of Middle Eastern Studies Collection

(pp. 97-104)

Department of Classical Studies Collection

(pp. 105-138)

The catalogue follows the convention established in a typed 1958 list of dividing the collection into the MUV series of vases and the MU series of artefacts. Coins are classified as G(reek), R(oman) and MES (Middle Eastern Studies) and arranged according to geographical location; a suffix indicates W(ebb) or S(utton) provenience. The prefix FP indicates the collection of Egyptian antiquities that had come to be known as the Flinders Petrie Collection.


MUV 1 - MUV 29.


MU 1 - MU 29.


G(reek) 1-170 with suffix W(ebb) or S(utton) after some.

R(oman) 1-17.

MES 4-9, 15-17, 18-21, 42-43, 68-69, 10, 11, 12, 13. Count = 20


9 Oxyrinchus, 1 Fayum


F(linders) P(etrie) 1 - 31, various.

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