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Rev. John Smerger Drought

Mr Drought of Trinity College was a member of the Classical Association of Victoria from 1913-16, and reappears as Rev. Drought from 1920-23 ("now St John's Toorak"). Mrs Drought is still on the Classical Association's books until 1934 at least. The Rev. Drought was later in Adelaide (K J McKay). In the files is a piece of paper mentioning the estate of Drought and the Nolan Amphora, and the address of a person who may be his son.

The 1971 Catalogue includes a Nolan Amphora after the list of 29 vases in the Classics Collection, stating that it is "On loan from Rev. J.S. Drought" (p. 112).

Inside the Vase was a small card in purple ink:

"Genuine Antique Etruscan Vase. Bought by F R Godfrey at Naples - from Signor Melé who dug it up in cemetery Pompeii. 1880. Examined by Professor A D Trendall, Professor of Greek and Curator of the Nicholson Museum, Sydney, 2nd September 1946. Athenian Vase of 460-450 BC. Known as 'Nolan Amphora'. (Figures have been re-painted in part; e.g. top half of simple figure)."

Trendall refers to it in his 1951 article on Attic vases in Australia and New Zealand, but the vase was in the Nicholson Museum at that time. It is not known when it came to the University of Melbourne.

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