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Andrew Jamieson:
Catalogue of the Ceramic Artifacts in the Collection of the Department of Middle Eastern Studies

(Middle Eastern Studies 4 Thesis, University of Melbourne 1988)

A catalogue of 171 ceramic objects in the Middle Eastern Collection. In the thesis, each entry has been given a 1988 series number. UM numbers from the Account Books, tertiary inscriptions and other numbers are recorded when available, as well as site and period or date. Thesis pages are not numbered.

The Gallery database, which formed the start of the Virtual Museum database, included 101 "AJ 1988" entries within the range AJ 1988-1 to AJ 1988-173. In the thesis, numbers 61 and 64 are not used, making a total of 171 objects. All the Jamieson references are included in the Virtual Museum database bibliography entries.

The thesis gives a brief description of each of the pieces and an introduction to the collection and various components of it.

"E 3550" (= AJ 1988-105) refers to the reference number on Charles Ede's Certificate of Authenticity, of which a photocopy is included in the thesis. Nine such certificates were found: 3550, 3558, 3559, 3570, 3577, 3588, 3598, 3601, 4410. The certficates are dated 26.3.1975. Correlation of these certificates with objects in the collection might be a productive exercise. Jamieson's association of some certificates with specific vessels is yet to be confirmed.

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