Classics and Archaeology Virtual Museum


Progress Towards a Museum for the Classics and Archaeology Collections

1928: Council Minutes (3 May, item 27): Calendar Chapter IV Regulation LXVIII: Whereas Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Sutton have presented to the University the sum of £500 to establish a Classical Museum to be called the "John Hugh Sutton Classical Museum"... The exhibits or the cases containing them shall at all times be so marked as to indicate that such exhibits or the contents of such cases are a memorial of the late John Hugh Sutton ... The said Museum and memorial shall for all time be properly maintained by the Council of the University...

1929: W Kerry to Registrar (18 January): "what we want is a small room fitted up as a museum, with glass-fronted cases for the vases, and showcases for the coins. I think Professor Scutt made a suggestion to you about the room..."

1957 Professor H A K Hunt elected Chair of Arts Faculty Museum Committee (History, Fine Arts, Classics, ethnographical collection). Registrar (8/12/58) regrets a Council decision to partition the Museum Hall; decision reversed after protest by Faculty.

1969: Medley Building: display case and drawers in room 631 and corridors.

1980: Classical Studies Museum registered under tax incentive scheme for gifts to the arts. Alarm system installed.

1987: Professor Osborne secures major equipment funding for Cypriot purchase. Writes to Dean (G. Blainey) requesting funding to convert the "Seminar Room [632] to a Museum (a project which has already been approved by the Accommodation Sub-Committee of the Faculty and included on subsequent plans for the Medley Building)".

1990: Registrar (29 March) says no to combined request from P Connor and the University Gallery to be allocated the Arts Hall as a Museum.

1992: Professor Sear presents extensively detailed new proposal, with architect sketches.

1995: 1 February: Virtual Museum suggested. 24 March: preliminary meeting to discuss proposed Classics & Archaeology Museum. Equipment funds secured for 1996-8 for the virtual museum. The Vice-Chancellor, D Penington, recommends to Council that a new Museum of Art be established. Agreement reached for a space within it for the Classics and Archaeology Collections.

1997: Ian Potter Museum of Art officially launched.

1998: Ian Potter Museum of Art opened (11 August). Classics and Archaeology wing yet to be opened.

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