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Missing Objects

Perhaps you could let us know if you see any of these missing objects.

Two vases disappeared in the last decade or so, and one papyrus in 1975. Quite a few coins have not been found, many of them known to be missing since 1966 but others believed to have been in the Middle Eastern Studies Department in 1971. Two Egyptian necklaces and a scarab were not found during the stocktake, and a whole carton of objects - mostly Egyptian - went missing in 1996.

Here is a photograph of the missing papyrus, P.Oxy. 187.

We have photographs of one of the missing vases and a description of the other:

Three Egyptian objects purchased in 1968 from the Royal Ontario Museum, Canada, also seem to be missing:

String of beads (necklace)

Carnelian spheroids with pendants and amulets of amethyst, red jasper and green feldspar. 11th-12th Dynasty.

String of beads (necklace)

Blue faience wafers. 18th Dynasty.


Glazed steatite scarab. 18th 19th Dynasty. 910.47.24. Light blue. Back naturalistic. Prothorax curved, wing cases unnotched, legs well cut. Design: Horus falcon facing right, with flagellum (Gardiner sign-list G6); below, a neb.

Other Missing Objects

(Not entered in Virtual Museum databases)

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