Classics and Archaeology Virtual Museum

Vases Acquired Since 1971

Inventory 1980

Typed lists including MUV 1-59 with insurance value and source of funding. Also, MU 1-29. The coins, various, are valued at $5,000; 9 papyri at $1800; 19 manuscripts at $2137.

On 7 Nov 1980 Professor Clarke asked for an alarm system to protect the collection worth "well in excess of $100,000".

Vase Acquisitions Since 1971

A brief listing of vases acquired since publication of the 1971 Catalogue was found in Peter Connor's files. The list covers MUV 30 to MUV 78 (1971-1991). For most items it gives the year of acquisition and for many the purchase price.

The information from both of these documents is included in the Virtual Museum databases.

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