Classics and Archaeology Virtual Museum

Collections Included in the Virtual Museum

The Classics Collection and the Middle Eastern Studies Collections came together under Professor Michael Osborne in the late 1980s when the departments of Classical Studies and Middle Eastern Studies merged, with archaeologists from the Departments of Fine Arts and History also joining the new Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies. In 1994, under Professor Frank Sear, the Department was re-named Classics & Archaeology. Further departmental re-structuring led to the creation, in 1998, of the School of Fine Arts, Classics & Archaeology, and Cinema Studies.

The Collections come under the general purview of the Ian Potter Museum of Art, with whom curatorial responsibility is shared. They will be housed in the new prize-winning Ian Potter Museum of Art building on Swanston St - the culmination of seventy years of efforts to find a proper museum space.

A summary chronology of the development of the Classics and Archaeology collections is available, as is a list of publications relating to the collections.

After a large purchase in 1987, items of Cypriot origin in the Classics Collection were split off and joined with the new acquisitions in a separate Cypriot Collection. A more detailed account of the three major constituents of the Classics and Archaeology Collections is presented under the following headings:

The Virtual Museum includes objects from these and other collections owned by the University or on loan:

Gifts or loans in kind and bequests for purchases have been received from:

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